A Mind-blowing Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Dutch Defense to Trap & Checkmate the black king in just 8 Moves.
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  1. These things ruined the natural form of chess.
    Thats y fisher hate modern chess.

  2. My friend who told you the other player will play what you did now ? What are you doing here just your imagination

  3. Bhai first chaal me hi f7 chalne vala obviously koyi noob hi hoga jo first time khel rha ho😂

  4. When u realise this only work is u get a smart opponent who can understand the consequences..

  5. No guarantee that opposition will play that opening move. He could open with a knight

  6. The move from opposition is really weak. Unless you are playing with a absolute beginner. Most chess players will play the pawn between black bishop and queen to counter that

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