A Mind-blowing Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Dutch Defense to Trap & Checkmate the black king in just 8 Moves.
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  1. Has anybody thought about what happens if black moves the knight to h6 instead of the rook?

  2. Nobody will ever play like this as black unless they're 100 elo and just learned how the pieces move

  3. Kya aapka channel sirf angrezon ke liye hai kya ,,,, ya aapko hindi achhi nahi lagti,,,,,,

  4. Me watching this video and my brother always use dutch defense and he is greedy too😈😈

  5. I’ve played this “trap” and have been successful a few times, but a better defense after e3 is Nf6 and then after Bd3 or e2 simply Bg7 and then there is no more threat of checkmate. This trap works best when you’re a regular Trompowsy player which means your opponent won’t be too suspicious.

  6. Opponent didn’t even have pieces in the middle of the board. You can only do that if your opponent doesn’t even know the basics about opening.

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