Best Queen Sacrifice Ever😳 | Checkmate Trick — Chess #shorts

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Here’s an Amazing Chess Trick where Black uses a brilliant tactical idea. He makes an insane queen sacrifice to trap & checkmate the white king. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess

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  1. King to h1(forced)
    Bishop to f3 check
    King back to g1
    Rook to d1 check not mate
    Rook to e1
    And then rook to e1 capture now thats a checkmate

  2. The brilliant move . Thats a queen sacrifice. The queen takes the queen so bishop gives check and king moves so rook delivers the deadly checkmate

  3. Initially I thought he is sarcastic later I realised I am a fool. What a great move by black👏

  4. King captures H1 then, Bishop to F3 check king moves away then rook to D1 check then rook blocks rook captures E1 checkmate!!!

  5. He knows that if he take the queen than it's a forced mate in 2
    Kxh1 Bdf3+ Kg1 only move Rd1# 😂
    Than he resign in the game

  6. That's not so hard to find a mate like that , players rated 1200-1400 or above can easily find it. 😊

  7. King capture queen bishop to f3 its check king moves to g1 rock to d1

  8. King takes queen on H1
    Bishop check on f3
    After King move rook d1 check mate

  9. Promoting 3 queens and losing the win by stalemate❌
    Promoting 3 knights and losing the win on time✅

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