Chess Is Cancelled


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  1. Leave it up to Twitter and Reddit to try and cancel an insanely old war game 💀💀

  2. Bro that's the most stupid thing ever all those points aren't valid arguments lmao its just a fun game with no racism behind it just pices of plastic plus black pieces can take as well and I better see a video about checkers then to

  3. People are so sensitive to the most basic things but not when it comes to calling each other the n word

  4. Oh fuck y'all who want chess canceled first If black went first everyone would be fine but if white goe first uh oh no no no black should go first chess is canceled second those who say the queen is so powerful but not important is because back then it was elephants and mages not Kong's and queens and even if chess was racist and I couldnt deny or disagree it was made in the 1380s sometime after the plague what do you expect

  5. You tell me sum 5-7 year olds on reddit complaining about this???
    Real definition of "no one cares".

  6. Bruh its just a game why do people gotta be so fucking annoying who cares what colors it has

  7. meanwhile next cancel culture comment: "wHY iS tHiS wHitE thAt'S rAcisT" 💀💀💀

  8. Imagin getting offended over a game with wooden pieces that was created around 6th century A.D.?

  9. Chess is the worst game ever!

    It's a war game.

    The white player always has an advantage over the black player.

    Of the sixteen pieces that everyone has at the start, only one is a woman.

    At least some of the male pieces can become a queen.

  10. “Hey guys, I’m gonna cancel a 2000 year old game because of colors”

  11. Guys nobody is canceling chess. Y'all just believe it because they said it was twitter who have a poor reputation. They're just making it up for views. Do the right thing and dislike the video please.

  12. No, the real reason is because they thought black had so much luck. That’s why White always went first. You can check out a Gotham chess video on the subject

  13. If chess is cancelled than does paper get cancelled because paper is not white and not black

  14. Your kidding it’s literally a colour there being racist themselves by suggesting that 😂

  15. Some people sometimes need to go back to school, it’s just a game! Stop taking it so seriously. It’s the same thing with Uncle Roger, he’s a comedian but people were saying he was being racist to the Malaysians, when he himself is Asian 💀

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