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  1. The board is not correct 🤣, it's meant to be:
    Kc7, Qxg8
    B7, Qxb7
    axb7 but the white pawns go down

  2. But how mate possible because white always sit on 1st rank and pawn can not move to go checkmate after kings move there 😂

  3. Kf7 check black king by the rook, Qb8 to eat the rook, pawn g7 check black king, Qg7 to eat the pawn, and pawn eat the queen in g7, checkmate black king.

  4. king f2 queen takes rook then push the pawn quuen take pawn then pawn take queen and it's mate

  5. King f7, queen1 take rook b8, pawn 1 g7 ,queen 2 take pawn 1 g7 , pawn 2 take queen 2 checkmate

  6. White pawn advances to down of the board, it can't check
    Black pawn is to one square to promote
    If Kf2+……………..Qxb1+
    And white can't check

  7. THERE IS NO MATE AT ALL!!!! H is on the left, A is on the right, WHITE STARTS AT THE TOP ON H2 AND G2. blacks pawn is 1 sqaure away from queen. White cant go backwards…

  8. 1)white king f2 black queen is forced to take the rook
    2)white pawn g2 black queen must take it. it is forced
    3)white pawn g2x takes black queen then it is mate in 3

  9. The board is wrong, but can be mate if black try to do checks. Txd1 queen try to check white king, then kxf2 check mate.

  10. As for the current position, Black has two queens, so he has the upper hand in terms of piece points. However, if White wins in 2 moves,

    1.kc7+ Q×g8

    If you think of one interesting thing,

    The chessboard is turned over and placed in the opposite direction, White will be completely defeated

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