Danny Freaks Out Over Queen Sacrifice

IM Danny Rensch predicted GM Wang Hao’s move during the FIDE Candidates Tournament and was pretty darn excited about it.

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40 Комментарии

  1. Trading queen for 2 knights and a bishop, with bishop to c5 still pending to trade a bishop for a rook.

  2. Danny’s on fire 🔥 Earlier in the stream he pointed out a knight move the others missed, prompting Vishy to say “Danny you’re the man”. Nepo played it too

  3. Meanwhile in heaven, Tal and Nezhmetdinov are having the greatest of smiles after witnessing such a sacrifice😏

  4. I got no idea what happened.. the first part of the video confused me.. was that happening in the game or were the commentators just doing predictions??..

  5. Danny: “you know I have to look at this for a second Robert, just stop it let me look at it.” Where do you can you get funnier commentary than this 😂😂

  6. danny and robert are 2 of the best chess commentators but only when put them in together

  7. It wouldn’t be a real chess game if greshuk isn’t down to just seconds on the clock

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