Ding vs Nepo final moments. Heartbreaking for Ian!

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  1. Chess is one of the most brutal games. U could play a perfect game, one slightest mistake n it's completely done n dusted

  2. The amount of effort, of stress, so much time calculating moves, 14 GAMES, just to lose in the end. It's sad, but someones has to lose. Look at ian's hand. That's tough.

  3. 12th game was ur World Champion game, u missed it and all u lost. Chance do not come again in one Championship

  4. If I were Ian I would say I said draw and he agreed
    now he is lying that I quit
    I want rematch haaa

  5. The women in the background is making this conditions really awkward anyways she is trying hard to use an accent😅😅

  6. The world and your opponent recognized your pain. Congratulations Ding your humbleness spoke volumes to your character ❤💫

  7. I really really hate the commentators. The girl was really loud and obnoxious for no reason other than to let her personality out. Like it’s a stressful game. Calm down.
    Ps. Multiple times she just kept spamming saying what is he doing, like please shut up. Great 10/10 commentary.

  8. اجمل لعبة شاهدتها بعد لعبة كارلسن ودينغ ب كش ملك اجباري

  9. ok the best player in the world may not have been there but damn have we ever seen a final game like this in terms of technicality, emotions, drama, really self pinning for eternity

  10. Arre भाई कोई हिंदी मे भी लिखो कुछ समज मे नहीं आया मेको

  11. Pyrrhic Victory — a victory that has inflicted such a devastating toll to the victor that it is tantamount to defeat

  12. Most people won't agree but Nepo might be the best player of our generation who didn't become world champion

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