English Opening TRAP | Chess Tricks to WIN Fast #Shorts

A Famous Trap in the English Opening to WIN Fast. This Chess Opening Trick was also played in a grandmaster game between Dmitry Andreikin (white pieces) & Sergey Karjakin (black pieces) in the World Blitz Championship 2010.
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  1. Actually after bishop g5 move, best move for black is not e7 rather best move is pawn to f6 the white can do nothing…

  2. When queen was attacked why he not defended by f pon. 😂😂😂 instead of knight

  3. What if the black defends queen with pawn and not with Any of the knight then I think white has to take backstep right?

  4. Instead of blocking with knife what if opponent choose play c pawn 😂the whole strategy fckkedup

  5. Bro, your English opening will fail when white bishop to black queen attack will be prevented by black pawn😅

  6. When bishop tries to eat the queen with the knight black can give the pawn one step upward to block its passage and there are three supports on the pawn that time..

  7. So the guy who was black was smart enough not to take the queen first time but then completely forgot to check why he shouldn’t take it the second time?

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