GOD LEVEL MOVE | Stalemate Trick – Chess #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Endgame Trick where Black uses a brilliant tactical idea. He forces a stalemate to end up with a draw in a losing game. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess

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  1. What the ….? It took my three times watching it until I got it. Brilliant.

  2. wait guys cant he play king to h3 that will make him take the queen and now its a stalemate from his side…

  3. First of all there is two options these 1)eat the queen and it stealmate
    2)move the king and blak eats our queen

  4. He fukked up tryna chase the queen. Don’t chase bitches 🤣🤣🤣 he lost the advantage when he moved the king

  5. I know if you kill opponents queen than it's stalemate and if you move your king than your queen will be capture and you lose and you cannot push pawns

  6. He is a brilliant player he knows that he would lose it so he made the stale mate. Oppppoo bro

  7. Most people here in comments thinks its bad move. But its actually briliant. Because when you take the queen it will be draw and when not you will lose your queen lately

  8. For those who don’t know, if the white queen gets the black queen on the c7 square then it’s a stalemate because the black king not in check but it has no legal moves for black kings

  9. If he takes with the queen, it's stalemate.
    You can't move the queen cause it's pinned.
    All of white's pawns can't move.
    Each move the king can legally makes would make him away from the queen.
    If the king gets away from the queen, Black can take the queen for free.

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