GUESS THE ELO — Tactics or Blunders?

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  1. 1900
    yes they lost pieces they could've saved but this led them to victory and I think it was they're strat

  2. Oke a 1200 plays like that vs me, or he plays better but all here says they played higher lol

  3. -good tactic to win the passed pawn, so above 600
    -using the benoni seems to be unheard of to almost any beginner, so above 1200
    -that checkmate looks pretty big brain, probably above 1400
    -i barely see double pawn sacrifices, could be above 1600? but i havent seen any games that level besides gte on gothamchess
    -a buncha moves i do not understand so my guess is 1600-1700 at most

  4. I guess 1700 it feel like no one below that would find that mate, but no one would do things like those over 1700.

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