Hans Niemann’s Win Speaks for Itself 😍 #shorts

Hans Niemann beats 2800+ rated Richard Rapport 🔥

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#Chess #hansniemann #shorts #chessgame #chessshorts
Video: ChessBase India

#Chess #ChessBaseIndia #hansniemann #shorts #chessgame #chessshorts #magnuscarlsen
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35 Комментарии

  1. Is queen a8 an inaccuracy because there’s no reason in pinning a weak knight? Knights are better in outpost squares and aren’t a threat to your own king when the opponent is on their own first file

  2. Why didn't rapport save his knight? Why he sacrificed his pawn and captured another pawn while his knight is hanging??

    But why Hans sacrificed his pawn at the start which makes no sense to me? Anyone explain???

  3. I don't get how hans would have finished him, sorry but im not good in understanding end game

  4. You have to win against higher rated players to prove that you are really good , but you can't win all then it would be suspicious.

  5. They shook hands without a smell test? Did he wash his hands after inserting his anal beads?

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