He Promoted To A Knight! He Saved The Game!

Levon Aronian underpromotes to a knight vs Sergey Karjakin to save the game, doesn’t even blink an eye afterwards.

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  1. It's a daft rule. White has vastly superior resources and shouldn't be punished just because opposition has insufficient material. Stalemate I can understand but not this.

  2. u see white ran out of time so white should have lost.. But since black cannot possibly mate with a king and knight alone so black can't win either..

    So its a draw..

    If black had a pawn, black was the winner.

  3. Imagine being THAT aware of the situation while moving at lightning speed! White was about to deliver mate (Nc2#) black under promotes with check forcing him to move his king at the final second instead of delivering mate, draw! (Computer drew the game because you can’t mate with just a knight and king) Levon is a beast! 😂👏👏👏

  4. I don't understand how its insufficient material when white has a queen can someone explain

  5. Hello I have a doubt…Why is it showing 'account not yet active' when I try to add someone as a friend??

  6. Everybody who keeps posting that move order that gets a checkmate for black is missing something very important:

    The line is not forced. That's why the site rules it invalid for the purposes of determining insufficient material.

    Look up "How Chess Games Can End: 8 Ways Explained‎" from April 2019

  7. Why is it a draw. White can mate the black king. He has a Queen and Knight and a Pawn to promote.

  8. All that happened was that black prevented an immediate loss by promoting to a knight, forcing white to address the check, which isn't so easy because Black then has Ne3, preventing the immediate Nc2 mate. If he auto promoted to Queen, white would have easily mated him in less than a second with Nc2 mate. But even though white ran out of time, he still does not lose because black did not have enough material to mate him ( part of online speed chess rules). So it's a draw. At least black did not lose. That's the point.

  9. I can't believe that a grandmaster would throw the game that badly… when white promotes to a queen he has a mate in 7. He plays a lot of extra moves but eventually gets it down to mate in 3 once he played Nd4. When black plays f4 white actually has a simple mate in 2 with Qc2+, Ka3, Qb3# or Qc2+, Ka1, Nb3#… instead white moves his queen 1 square twice allowing the pawn to make it to the end and under promote.

  10. wtf, I'm like 100 ELO end I wouldn't have blundered it that bad. just take the damn pawn and promote 3 queens, for f*ck's sake

  11. Technically should be a loss? It’s possible to checkmate with a lone knight when there are extra pieces on the board 😛

  12. why didnt sergey just move his king he had a full second to do so, was it cause he was trying to move the knight for mate expecting a queen promotion but then he got checked and ran out of time? this move is only good because of time and to prolong the game. its a good move tho. ended with a draw than a loss smart move.

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