Hikaru crush Magnus 100% premove

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  1. he did it against a fake account named Magnus Caralsen but its still very cool how he manged to do that with a person rated 2000

  2. Yk the rule of chess where white always moves first, so hikaru decided no I'm gonna change that

  3. Bro hikaru when someone make's literally one move "お前はもう死んでいる" (romaji "omae wa mou shingeru")

  4. This game is not real because at the start it said he had a queen and it was the endgame but in the video he still had his queen and it was still the opening

  5. Partida completamente falsa
    Não tem explicação as tomadas dos bispos do Magnus.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. I think It's fake cause at last rook to e8 was played but hikaru was laying back in his seat😂

  7. i know this isn’t actually against magnus but i just can’t imagine how good at chess you would have to be to accurately predict an entire game before it even started.

  8. This is not against magnus and if it was against magnus , I’m sorry for u Hikaru but magnus will magnus the hell out of you

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