If you HATE the Dutch Defense…

If you hate the Dutch Defense, then master the Hopton Attack! This trap early in the Dutch Defense will have you winning many of your games on in only five moves! Even if your opponent doesn’t fall into the trap we will be in a nice, slightly better position and can still trample our opposition.

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  1. Can't you just push your pawn up to g6, move your bishop to g7, and then move your knight to f6? You'd still be able to set up your opening.I feel like having your knight on g5 is more annoying for black.

  2. I mean before taking the bishop… what is stockfish saying about the position?

  3. As a Dutch defense player knowing what to do here i always find the hopton attack very funny, because it’s all about the cheap tricks, but if you play you’re position good enough you can get a reasonable middle and endgame

  4. Any skilled player is not going to allow you to double their pawns with Bxf6 in the first example. Maybe 1000 and below if they are just pre moving theory lol

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