INSANE QUEEN SACRIFICE | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick for White in the Caro-Kann Defense where he sacrifices his queen to trap the Black King & Win the Game in just 11 Moves. This is a real game played by Richard Reti in 1910 & we popularly call this the Reti’s mate. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess

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  1. Bro if he check him with the queen when black use his queen ( he uses his queen in the right side of the Black's king he can win easily)

  2. Richard Réti was way ahead of his time even 100+ years ago. This will always make chess lovers, young and old happy. Thanks for reminding so enthusiastically♟️

  3. I would have moved bishop to g4 to check with the rook and then take the queen (either with the bishop or with the rook if he moves his queen to block the check). I didn't forsee a checkmate with the bishop and rook. That was 🔥

  4. After the bishop check,black can play Qxg5+ hence capturing the pawn and a check the white can play Kb1 the black will get a fork at Nf2….

  5. I’m new to chess 🙌🏾 can u explain how u moved the rookie from (A) and the King from (E) to C and D and them two spaces where empty ? Isn’t that like two moves in one ? Im confused with that one

  6. C6 koi kaise khel skta hai after d4 opening, koi GM hoga to atleast c5 khel ga hi khel ga

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