Lazard Gambit — Chess Opening Tricks & Traps #shorts

Here’s a cool little chess opening trick to trap & checkmate your opponent in just 6 moves — Lazard Gambit.
#chess #chesstalk #shorts #jeetendraadvani

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  1. "Can you mate me in 6 moves?"
    "You clapped me oh no"
    This is the sussiest writing i have seen bro 😭😭😭🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. Mate in 6 aight bet.

    Step1- unbutton and remove the pants
    Step2- pulldown the undes
    Step3- stroke the pen and spit on it to lubrecate
    Step4- pull down her skirt
    Step5 pull down her undies
    Step6- thrust the pen in.

    Mate in 6 moves

  3. "can you mate me in 6 moves?"
    "I'll go for the center"
    "I will take it on the next move"
    "I'm not going anywhere, I'm coming to take your queen"
    "Oh no man, you trapped me"

  4. Is it absolutely necessary to put extremely annoying, extremely loud, and thus, extremely distracting music in the background? Yes, I know I can mute it, but then I will not be able to hear what you are saying.

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