Magnus Carlsen doesn’t FORGIVE! #shorts

Don’t ever blunder against Magnus! 🥹

Video: ChessBase India

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45 Комментарии

  1. How its blunder? If Ka5 then Rb3 and wait to mate on Ra3 the only move for black is sacrifice rook Its same.

  2. For those who don't get it, The white bishop was pinned by the black rook so that means the black king could have taken the white rook on b4, the bishop is pinned to the black rook so it couldn't capture the black king

    However; those grandmasters didn't see it, and it's not just a blunder, it's a double blunder because you didn't even get a draw in a winning position, you lost in a winning position

  3. Itu bukan blunder, dia hanya mempercepat kekalahannya. Kemanapun dia berpindah, akan kalah dalam 3 langkah membunuh benteng.

  4. Thanks for stating that he put his jacket on. I thought that he was getting in his car.

  5. Помню как он был писюном, и тягался с каспаровым, а сейчас звезда, как же быстро лктит время. 😢

  6. Well I am noob to the game but why didn’t he cancel out Magnus rook with his own?

    What does offer resign meant he went for draw?

  7. magnus diverted opponents focus towards the jacket , now that's what we call :THE BLACK JACKET GAMBIT

  8. My chess iq is so low that i have to pause for a minute for each move and recalculate whatever is going on.

  9. Is not blunder, black avoided mate afther king a5, rook b3, rook a1, rook b8 and next is mate on a8, the jacket was the moment all variants was calculated 😊

  10. Well, that was an enormous blunder, even I, with my ridiculous score, wouldn't forgive it 😀

  11. Почему не Кра5, а Кра3?? Магнус загипнотизировал?

  12. What if?… his blunder move is not actually a blunder, but it was an other way to say "i surrender", "at least i tried".

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