Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user MagnusIsPoorPlayer

World Champion Magnus Carlsen couldn’t resist accepting the challenge of a user named «MagnusIsPoorPlayer» as he started his 3rd Banter Blitz session on chess24! No prizes for guessing what happened next 🙂 Replay the game with computer analysis:

Note Magnus plays with the black pieces — the board is flipped to his perspective after a couple of minutes .

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80 Комментарии

  1. He talks as if he’s won about 10 moves ahead 😂 I know that’s the cliche of world class players but still blows my mind

  2. So, to get a game with Magnus, I'll just name myself MagnusisanUglyDickhead or something similar.

  3. How can i eliminate subtitles, i cannot see any move magnus makes with the subtitiles blocking the bottom of the screen.
    Mad love

  4. In online chess, ist it way too easy to cheat, and use stockfish here? Would there be a way to detect an AI is playing (too many perfect moves)?

  5. I've met Carlsen personally in Sandnes. He's very humble and easy guy. Not poor at all.

  6. If Magnus is playing with the black pieces, the game should be listed as "MagnusIsPoorPlayer vs. Magnus Carlsen". The person playing White is always named first. This threw me for a loop at first.

  7. I hope buddy recorded the game at least since he got an opportunity to play one of the best if not thee best chess players of all time I know I would if I got a chance to play Magnus.

  8. Magnus Carlsen is the World Champion and currently the best player in the world,so I do not understand why is he affected about the opponent's nickname

  9. How does magnus calculates so fast. My blitz is 2300+ and it took me like 15 minutes to calculate lines. Took magnus like 3 sec and i still cant follow his line

  10. So humble playing 1500 player and deeply analysing the position and being so serious about it, egoless people like Magnus always rise to the top because ego blocks one from becoming truly skillful.

  11. Whos the real genius?

    Magnus Carlson?

    Or the guy who names himself "MagnusIsPoorPlayer" just to tilt Magnus into playing him and getting free tips for his game by rewatching the live stream?

  12. In 1000 years, people will look back on the chess greats. They'll find this video of Magnus playing Magnusispoorplayer. Maybe they will even find this comment.

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