Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura: Blitz Chess Battle Final

Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura: Blitz Chess Battle Final!
Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen(@themagnuscarlsen) faces against Hikaru Nakamura (@GMHikaru) in a three-hour blitz and bullet chess marathon. The inaugural GM Blitz Battle Championship is on the line as IM Danny Rensch (@danielrensch ) and GM Robert Hess commentate.
Enjoy this full replay of the broadcast from Oct. 27, 2016.

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70 Комментарии

  1. like wtf switch board in blitz … without a point … and almost 1m wiews HOW ? garbage

  2. It's like watching Roger Federer vs Andy roddick, a very good player, vs an extra ordinary player

  3. The commentating is hilarious! This is quite refreshing compared to chess back in the days when it was all very serious and almost political.

  4. There was a $100K Cod mobile tournament a couple of months ago and here we r still playing for a $1K with world champion

  5. Poor nakamura, he exist while magnus reign. Just like ronaldo exist at same time with Messi. Always be their shadow.

  6. I want to watch these games, but missing half of each games for Dan to explore what he thinks they're going to do is not entertaining.

  7. lmao "it is hard to win games when your opponent" is resisting well"
    Hikaru is #10 in the world in classical chess, dude could beat anyone except for you and a handful for others

  8. Who are these clowns commentating on this. They are so bias is brutal. Typical Americans making excuses why Hakaru lost.

  9. First time I see this channel, downvoted and blocked the channel, because they skipped the moves

  10. 🤣Now I understand why people are pissed , he lost his Queen !!! and the screen has the analysis board … am like where where? Oh(

  11. Really interesting to see how far the site, and chess commentary in general, has come!

  12. I feel bad for Hikaru he is calculating to slow and his instincts are not finding the best continuation in a time scramble.

  13. Far out these commentators talk too fast and far too much, its not a fast paced sport in which you need to do that. Let us think ffs

  14. Why didn’t he fork magnus king/knight during the game of 23rd minute? If he didn’t wanna trade knights he could’ve take a free pawn, maybe the whole left side too

  15. We spent more time hearing his educational splurge instead of watching the actual game. We clicked for one reason.

  16. I can still recall the realization that I was only a checker player, and I'd never be able to play Chess, it was devistating, devastad, devest, it was a bummer.

  17. Good Games what a Great Rivalry two Brilliant players a pleasure to watch them compete against each other

  18. Have to give Magnus Carlsen Props he’s a Winner Hikaru is very competitive but Magnus is Greatest No Question

  19. Good Job Commentators People are never happy no matter who commentates so Whatever

  20. Wow! The algorithm suggested this to me in 2023! Can't believe it's been 6 years. Everyone looks so young in this video!

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