Magnus Carlsen’s savage reply 😎🤘

Magnus Carlsen’s savage reply
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  1. Chess press questions are honest the most stupid and idiotic questions even more than the white house

  2. Of course he is correct. It’s usually a draw since the 1st move, but the point in playing is that your opponent could make more mistakes than you, even in more obvious positions.

  3. Judit couldn't understand a simple logic, then one shouldn't play chess if he can't expect his opponent to make any mistake
    The game is a always a draw(before the game starts) if we apply the poor logic

  4. I would have loved if Magnus was like “The starting position is a draw. Playing drawn positions is literally the entire game.”

  5. Chess players have NO SOCIAL GRACES WHATSOEVER. I can't think of a SINGLE Chessmaster who is actually a likeable person. Magnus is no exception. Magnus, you are a multi-millionaire from playing a stupid board game that Chess programs have SOLVED. LIGHTEN UP, DOUCHE. 😒

  6. I checked my blitz stats and alot of my losses were from resignations. I stopped resigning, unless i get destroyed in the first 30 seconds. My elo went up

  7. Before this game, on rest day in world championship 2018 , magnus injured his head very badly while playing football & was suffering from severe headaches ( you can see the swelling over his rt eye). But still put tremendous pressure on fabi ,proving yet again that "even on his bad day he is still better than most 2700's on their good day " ❤

  8. At the start of the game it is a draw I am sure he cannot understand why they start playing from a drawn position 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. He is right though, it is only a draw as long as the opponent doesn`t make a mistake. It only is truly a draw if you lack the material to checkmate and the game is forced to end, but until then there is no harm in trying a little.

  10. I wonder when people will understand magnus is an autistic savant. Its fairly clear he doesn’t think the same way as others, also very apparent when you see him as a child, his games as a child are phenomenal.

  11. Nothing savage really. Just logical to keep playing and hoping your opponent does a mistake

  12. In other words h5 is the move can turn over the draw.
    Onece you got a target you should not give up. A winner allways found a "window" to escape.🙂

  13. Magnus response is awesome.. politely told him to f off as he shld have with that question.

  14. The starting position at the beginning of a game of chess is equal material and symmetrical, basically a drawing position, why even play chess.

  15. I fucking hate how audiences always laugh whenever Magnus makes some confrontational remark. Like this guy isnt joking, not everything is a joke. Stop laughing

  16. “As soon as he gave me a paintbrush 🖌️ and a canvas, I knew it was a draw.”

  17. Judit Polgar doesn't understand about Magnus and Magnus doesn't understand about Judit Polgar 😂

  18. How do they let such reporters in the room?
    This guy asking such question do not understand chess deep enough to ask a question at this level of chess tournament

  19. Wow, what kind of qualifications do you need to stand there and ask magnus questions? I can't believe this question got asked lmao

  20. By the logic of the reporter no games of chess should be played. I think Magnus' endgame win% in objectively drawn positions is clearly is an argument for continuing to play in itself.

  21. Every game could head to a draw so is there any point playing would be my question back at him

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