Magnus Carlsen’s Successor Knocks Hikaru Out Of ChessKid Cup!

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25 Комментарии

  1. It was bound to happen he most performs bad in online tornaments but Alireza is Top 4 in the world cassical.

  2. Gucci-Reza dominates Chess Streamer and multi-millionaire (51 million dollars $) Nikaru Hakamura

  3. Bro why does Hikaru care. he became the United States Chess champion in 2019 is that not enough? And he was world chess champion how greedy are you. same thing goes for Magnus Carlsen he’s greedy for more and more look win one and be done. Because after one you have proven yourself as a great chess player.

  4. I love to see hikaru on the losing side ….because of the funny faces he makes ….it would be painul for him but hilarious for me 😂😂😂😂

  5. One day we're seeing a world championship between Alireza and Fabi, I'm calling it now.

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