RARE MOMENT when Magnus Carlsen Offers DRAW #shorts

Do you know the last one? 😅 (one of most viewed video on ChessBase India)

Video: ChessBase India

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215 Комментарии

  1. It was actually a draw if not winning for black the night will keep guarding the pawn making Magnus use his rook to defend. A slight innacurase from Magnus is a loss

  2. Opponent will have as a distinction in his wikipedia page : «  draw with Magnus » … what a victory !

  3. Bro if any one refuses a drw from magnus it's either they gonna resign or they gonna lose bad

  4. Magnus: Draw? — ?! Inaccuracy
    Opponent: Yes — !! Brilliant

    (let me in your world You know what I spy Spy ya looking lonely Ya know boy, that's why)

  5. If magnus wanted, he could have flagged the opponent.

    But the OG doesnt need time factor to win any games. 💯😎

  6. The title should be like this, "Rare moment when Magnus has less Pawn than his opponent" 😂

  7. Look at the board the opponent had it in the bag. Carlson just didn’t want to take the L

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