SWAG of Magnus Carlsen #shorts

Confidence of a World Champion! 🔥

Video: ChessBase India

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55 Комментарии

  1. I totally get this. I can't start until my pieces are exactly how I want them as well. It'll bother the shite out of me if they're not perfectly centred. Very much worth the lost bit of time xx

  2. So he loses that match 😂😂😂😂 bartoz socko vs magnus go and check it

  3. Not sure why no one waits. Be a better player. Magnus didn’t start the clock for a guy, out of respect

  4. I think this channel is a fan based channel of magnus carlsen and probably hikaru nakamura too

  5. Magnus just testing all the pieces by touching each piece as usual to see if everything works fine. What's to make a video about ?

  6. Yall focusing on him taking his time and humiliating his opponent while my brain is stuck on "I wonder why he moved the knight before setting up the fianchetto in his catalan, that lets black just take the pawn" and then immediately "I know its a catalan, but why didn't magnus just take the free pawn and instead give him e5?"

  7. general question. is it touch move? because he touched a bunch of pieces. feels like hes not following the rules. I'd say it's fine if his clock wasn't started.

  8. Lmao, Magnus actually making it known that he offended magnus by not allowing him to sit before he made his move . It's almost like he is saying I had no fear of losing to you, but know I'm going to show you and everyone how little I think of you lmao.
    Atleast he gives him the thinking pose afterward to say OK I proved my point, back to chess lol

  9. I have a question
    Isn't there a touch to move rule
    Where you have to play the piece you touched first ?
    Because he touched every piece before playing

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