Tactic from my tournament game

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  1. Other subject: can i talk with you about quantum physics too or you're only good in chess?

  2. Is it a real rule that if a pawn makes it to the other side you get a piece back of your choice?

  3. The better move is when Rook takes A2 …. Her opponent should have moved the King to D3 …. Trapping her to take Pawn on G2 with the Rook…. Then follow that up with moving the King to E3 …. If she she moves the Rook over to F2 …. White has advantage by moving Bishop to F3

  4. I would have checked him with the rook and pushed with the king to checkmate him against the edge of the board

  5. Woudl be interesting to see the move before this if they could have gotten the king on B3 it would have stopped it.

  6. Thanks for the tactic! Now all I have to do is to force my opponent to end up in this exact position

  7. Instead of p x R, why not K e 2? How is the pawn forced to take the rook? Of course white still loses.

  8. I'd have to guess a chess engine hate the original bishop move to guard the pawn. It's an easy win soon as the bishop moves

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