The Checkmate Technique You Didn’t Know About

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42 Комментарии

  1. Was he counting number of moves? I think yes. Because it could end up with 0.00 draw

  2. Flagging such a disgrace might as well accept defeat and resign. You wont be able to do that on a real board.

  3. Aman is the OG of disrespectful mates. It's one of the main reasons I subscribed years ago. It's what keeps me watching too.

    Hikaru doesn't touch Aman for disrespect. Awesome skills Aman, thanks for the clinic.

  4. This shit pisses me off.. I play an app that rewards mates. I was in a losing position. A resignation would have given him a win, but a mate give him a bonus. So instead of resigning, I backed the King to the corner and gifted mate in one and dickhead did this shit to me

  5. Ty I have been searching for the 4 queen knight rook and a king mate and finally found it

  6. why is it everytime I see a chess shorts it's see high rated player facing 800-1200 players

  7. That technique is what I call move my king out the way checkmate. Do it all the time if my opponent doesn't resign and wants all that smoke.

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