Unexplainable Brilliant Move !! #chess #shorts #brilliant

#chess #shorts #checkmate #brilliantmove #brilliant

a brilliant and beautiful Queen move to win with checkmate
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  1. You should do pawn 5h to 6h they take your pawn you get back with your bishop and then BOOM queen to 7g checkmate

  2. Got it !!! Kxg7, h6+, Kg6, Bd2+, Kh5, Be2+, Kh4, Rg7, Ne4, Rh1, Qh3, Be1+, Ng3, BxN # or Kxg7, h6+, Kg6, Bd2+, Kf6, Bc3+, Kf5, Bh3+, Kf4, Be5+, Kf3, Rgf1 #

  3. If king takes Bishop takes Bishop and king force to confer and Bishop #

  4. Sorry when king takes queen g7 pawn check h6 king moves to h8 then bishop f6 chechmate

  5. First king takes queen
    Bishop takes bishop as the king moves to corner then bishop checkmate

  6. After black king take queen, white square bishop can move from f1 to f2, then black can move any of their pieces, either g8 or h8, then white moves rook from e1 to f1 and black can move any of their pieces, then dark square bishop goes to f6 checkmate

  7. If king takes queen followed by h6+ Kh8 bf6+ then why is no one seeing bxf6+ or can someone explain why you can’t make that move bishop

  8. Mate in 14 , I'll edit this and share the pgn
    I calculated this before using stockfish and got it right yall are wrong lmao stockfish even has a depth of 30 or 100
    All comments are wrong xd I used stockfish 15.1 BTW with a depth of 100+. This is the solution , i calculated it myself before using stockfish too.
    [Event "?"]
    [Site "?"]
    [Date "2023.07.20"]
    [Round "?"]
    [White "Player"]
    [Black "Player"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [FEN "rn1b1rk1/p2q1ppp/1p1n4/1b2Q1BP/8/3P4/1KP5/4RBR1 w — — 0 1"]
    [SetUp "1"]

    1. Qxg7+ Kxg7 2. Bxd8+ Kh6 3. Bg5+ Kxh5 4. Be2+ Kg6 5. Be7+ Kf5 6. Rg5+ Kf4 7.
    Rf1+ Ke3 8. Re5+ Kd4 9. Bf6 Qc6 10. Ref5+ Ke3 11. Bg5+ Kd4 12. R1f4+ Ne4 13.
    Rxe4+ Qxe4 14. c3# 1-0

  9. King is forced to take then you play bishop f4 discovered check by the rook king moves in the corner then bishop bishop e5 check bishop block is forced bishop takes f6 mate

    Hope this helps

  10. king is forced to take Qg7, then pawn goes h6. if black make a HUGE mistake by moving king to g8 or h8, then it's checkmate in 1. if King moves g8, Bf6 is discovered check and mate by g1 rook. if King goes h8, again Bf6 is checkmate

  11. It is brilliant because after king takes queen, bishop takes bishop and we give a discovered check with the rook. The best moves for blacks is king to h6 and king to h8 because otherwise they would lose big material (their queen). If the king moves to h8, it's mate in 1 by moving bishop to f6, so the best move is king to h6. When that move is done, the white bishop has to go to g5 to give a check and the only move for blacks is king to h5 by taking the pawn. When that happens, the other white bishop has to give a check. The only move that blacks have is queen to g4, blocking the check. After that, the bishop has to take the queen giving check and leaving blacks with another one forced move which is king takes bishop in g5. Then, whites have to give a check with rook in e5. The only moves for blacks are king to h4, king to h6, king to f6 and king to g6. And… Well, now I can tell finding checkmate is very hard but I'm sure those first moves lead to it.

  12. Queen check (G7), king takes queen (G7), pawn check, king will probably move to G6. Bishop to F4, leading to discover check from rook, king will probably move to F5, Bishop to H3. Checkmate.

    This is just one of the few possible mates.

  13. Brilliant hey

    King takes Queen
    Bishop takes Bishop Check
    King to H8
    Bishop to F6 Checkmate

    Or if King to H6
    Bishop to G5 Check
    King G6 or H5 is met with other Bishop checkmate

  14. Because checkmate in 2 pawn h6 then the king has to move to h8 then bishop f6 mate

  15. He should’ve done mate in 2 with sacrificing the bishopppp to attack the knight and rook then queen and rook mate

  16. The mate is very easy:
    K x Qg7
    Bf4 +
    Bh3 #
    This is the best move 👍🏻

  17. It is king takes, then I would go bishop f4 discovered check, and if king moves bishop e5 is a mate. Though they can block with a few pieces though you always take with the rook, and I am pretty sure that is a forced mate in five.

  18. The king is still save after taking the queen,,, very worng move and making queen die

  19. King takes , you take Bishop with discovery check then King to h8 then Bishop to f6 is mate

  20. It's a long checkmate and it's very hard to find every move … you can try though it's really beautiful…..don't forget to subscribe and like the video guys would really appreciate it ❤

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