Use This CHESS TRAP in the Indian Defense!

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  1. Sup dude!i just wanted to say that your vids really helped me beat my freind at chess! Hes been playing chess for a while and i said to him give me 2 weeks to study and ill beat you! And i did using the openings and traps you teach!

  2. i don't really know how to explain it but you look like the kindest and calmest person in the world

  3. I am a new chess player.
    Freetime i watch your video and i like it.
    Thanks for sharing chess tactics.
    Keep it up bro.
    I appreciate you ❤❤❤

  4. Hello my man, been watching you for a while now and I love the wall mounted board and I want one, could you tell me where to get one like yours?

  5. Someone who truly knows the London will push the c pawn when black pushes the c pawn

  6. I always plays night f3 beacouse that new scholar mate was invented and go popular

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