What is the Queen’s Gambit Accepted TRAP in Chess?

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  1. Ain't nobody attacking a protected bishop with a rook right? At least I won't… Even though I do blunder my queen every third game

  2. There's a better trap opening with white
    e4 e5
    Qh5 and if they play g6
    Qxe4 which is a free rook

  3. It's actually a common fork pattern, intstead of learning theory you can learn it from puzzles

  4. I mean it's not a completely losing position. After E4 you win another tempo, you have more activity

  5. Me: c4 the bomb (my brother: it’s a move (school: there is a c4 in; the building (my brother: …

  6. I know nf3 is the “best move” but I play QG and always play e4 after dxc4 because black never knows how to play with 0 central control, in general I would just avoid taking any opening gambits unless you’re very well versed in the lines and theory

  7. Attention if you’re white: if you decide to initiate the queens gambit (and black accepts), this also serves as a “watch out for this” lesson

  8. The amount of this guy's videos ive watched without realizing the pieces are magnetic and actually go in pockets is actually sad

  9. So you’re saying the requirements for this is the opponent doesn’t know chess theory and hangs pieces?

  10. No one in their right mind will attack the Bishop that way and Queens Gambit is mostly denied

  11. they might not move the knight there just to threaten the bishop who is less valuable than knight

  12. How is this a trap? It's a dumb move from your opponent, I'll give you that. But a trap? No bud. Not by a long shot.

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