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  1. I have this same mentality as an architect. It helps you work harder and focus on what ur doing. People in my field care a lot but I just like what I’m doing and am generally good at it. So I just do it. It’s hard to understand for some but it’s an actual strategy to perform exponentially.

  2. Yeah sure, a few games away from being World Champion and he doesn't care. He's trying to hide it from himself because he has lost enough by getting too nervous.

  3. I literally don't care. After 14th round he's all watery eyed on the verge of tears. That's literally caring very much. But it's a good coping mechanism.

  4. All roads lead to women — if you make great $ and get some sort of status in your field

  5. Hikaru: i literally dont care
    Vidit: really?
    Gukesh: Hikaru see you in next candidates😂

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