When Magnus Carlsen Destroyed Hikaru Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen was 1st at the end of 21 round blitz championship. However, another powerful contender, Hikaru Nakamura was also tied for 1st with Magnus, leading the two beasts to finally take on a 1v1 in playoffs to determine the World Blitz Champion. Game 1 of the playoffs resulted in a draw which meant that Game 2 would decide the champion. Watch till the end to see who takes home the blitz crown!


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  1. Hikaru , nepo, sometimes fabi these players become mentally paralysed when they saw magnus on their opposite side…i am damn sure the "magnus is my opponent" fear factor doesn't not let them play at their fullest as they always want to draw against magnus rather than trying to win against him

  2. imagine being called one of the best chess players in the world and yet still losing to that one opponent called magnusd carlsen

  3. The way you commentated this event, sounded extremely stupid. Especially about a game for gentlemen. Go play some Minecraft.

  4. It's amazing the amount of chess masters and grandmasters are moving to playing poker at a high level like Liv Boree and Magnus have.

  5. magnus got a missed mate in 3 by taking the pawn on f7 btw, mate is rook h7 queen h5 knight e7

  6. My favorite player is Magnus Nakamura i like how he destroyed Garry Fisher. True checkers pro

  7. and this is why Hikaru just lies to himself saying he's a "full time streamer" the cope is real, it's ok tho I don't blame him

  8. Its so weird how people act like magnus and hikaru are rivals. Its never been close. Magnus has always been far above hikaru.

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