Why are Magnus & Hikaru SHOCKED? #shorts

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Video: ChessBase India

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21 Комментарии

  1. Do u also didn't understand what happened?
    Direct into comments gang, like 👇

  2. I expected it to either be a missed blunder or something completely outside playing the games.

  3. Probably computer operators knows 😁 Ghosts in a machine 🤔😊😍🤩🥰😇😌

  4. I wish Indian chess commentators were just as good at their jobs as Indian chess players are

  5. I believe he was playing against Wesley So during a rapid tournament. They played about 6-7 moves each and the game was stopped. Wesley was white and played a completely different opening for the new game. Hikaru said the moves were played, so the new game should've been a repeat of the opening. Hikaru ended up winning the armageddon, but Wesley did have chances.

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