Women vs Men in Chess

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  1. you’re right. unfortunately you have a bunch of children in your comments. but that’s youtube

  2. It shouldn't be relevant,
    You could have a thousand men playing high level chess,
    And it only takes one woman who could be better than all of them,
    They should be able to compete with each other.

  3. Select random 10 girls n 10 boys and teach them Chess. I'm sure boys will play well compared to girls. This is natural, boys are good with logics n girls are good with memory

  4. Chess clubs cater to awkward loners who seek some form of intellectual competition. Women are socially and emotionally driven for empathy and cooperation. The pool of interested females is just too shallow to have a discernible impact at the highest level.

  5. Chess is a masculine game. It basically a battle and necessitates the skill of spatial awareness. Those two things are common in ALL of sports. Those are also two things men are best at. Sure it’s a game. But it’s a war. Men are also able to calculate better than women.

    Men will inherently have a biological advantage at Chess the same way as a women will have a biological advantage in a color coded/picture memorizing game.

  6. Men have a large and consistent advantage over women in spatial ability in chess and is present pre puberty.

  7. Wrong. They do this with everything. Even sports. It will never be 50-50. The biggest difference between men and women arent their muscles. Its their brains. Ive met women that can squat 300 pounds +, ive never met a woman that could do math, play pool, play darts or play chess well

  8. I always tell myself "we live in such a good world"then read stupid sexist comments and i'm slapped back into reality,why are we like this?

  9. Why wait though? Just play mixed all the time. If you are good you will win. Else you will get better

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