World’s funniest chess grandmaster — 2 (Grischuk) 🤣

Alexander Grischuk, the world’s funniest chess grandmaster, combines razor-sharp tactical brilliance with an infectious sense of humor. His witty one-liners and hilarious antics during tournaments make him a fan favorite, keeping the chess world in stitches. Grischuk’s ability to make even the most serious chess matches feel like a comedy show has earned him the title of the jester of the chessboard.
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  1. I remember the day when Grischuk always get invited to be commentator at top tournaments, why we see soo little of him nowadays

  2. When u want to become comedian but your parents want u to be professional chess player.

  3. The journalists laugh like they've never seen a chess player with an ounce of charisma

  4. To me he looks like a caucasian, a chechen or a dagestanian or something like that

  5. Chess is the one i think one of only games that is entirely based on skill every and every choice you make win or lose is entirely 100 percent your fault

  6. The guy needs desperately more vitamine D. Get out and enjoy more sun you living corpse!

  7. Английский Грищука можно слушать бесконечно, считаю, он отлично подходит на роль злодея в новом Бонде)

  8. As a Russian, I've never thought that "Hollywood Russian accent" exists in real world. But here it is…

  9. А ещё Александр самый худший стрим в истории запилил

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